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Chill out @ WTF!

by Neha K Kulkarni on Feb 25 , 2013 in pune

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Neha K Kulkarni

Accessory hoarder, fiction writer and tarot reader with a penchant for everything rainbow-like.

Two months old and WTF is already making its mark as Pune's preferred new watering hole. Neha K Kulkarni tells you more.



WTF!Walking in here feels like going back to that friendly neighbourhood eatery where you were a regular back in your college days.The dimly lit area, the wooden seating, the DJ console in one of the corners with and the little signs like ‘Unattended children will be sold to the circus’, ‘Do not throw stones on the wall’ or the ‘No diving’ sign on this rooftop bar make you chuckle.

Further up the bar leads you to the open air seating with a huge bar in the centre while the sides are done up with wooden high chairs and table that give you the view perfect of the city. Lovely lanterns are hung around the bar that gives it a classy yet comfortable feel.

The menu isn’t too elaborate but is specially designed for light bites along with a drink or two. It comprises of some vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers followed by three non-vegetarian and one vegetarian mains.

As we dropped in after a long day at work we couldn’t wait to gorge on some appetizers and opted for Mean Ass Chicken Chilli (Rs 170) - chicken well marinated in spicesand stir fried with pepper and onions, Spicy Fish Fingers (Rs 175) – batter fried crispy fish finger served with a tartar sauce, Cheese and Potato nuggets (Rs 140) with the perfect blend of melted cheese and mashed potatoes and the Chicken Naan Pizza (Rs 200)  - an innovative dish where the typical thin crush was substituted with naan that was covered with spicy chunks of roasted chicken.

Pair these bitty snacks with a pint or two of chilled beer or if you are in the mood for something fruity, try the Mandarin Mojito (Rs 265). As the evening descended the place started buzzing with chatter and music. The quiet place that we walked into earlier was now buzzing with chatter, laughter and groovy music; we didn’t want to leave.Food at WTF!

The next time we finish work early; just might find us here grabbing a quick drink and a light bite. If you have tried this and want to share your experience, click here and let it out!

Must try: Chicken naan pizza and mean ass chicken chilli
Meal for two: Rs 1000+ taxes (withoutalcohol)



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