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Bengali thali @ 6 Ballygunge Place

by Debdeep Banerjee on Aug 03 , 2013 in Kolkata

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Debdeep Banerjee

A second year Mass Communication student of St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, my interests include lifestyle journalism, hanging out with friends, music, trying out new places to eat and writing about them.

Some restaurants claim to explore forgotten treasures, some stay true to flavours we�ve known for year. Debdeep Banerjee tries out 6 Ballygunge and says they have a something a little different.

Sipping on a glass of Gandhoraj ghol (lassi) (Rs 25), we noted that the curd was blended with lemon extracts from the ‘Gondhoraj lebu’ (lemon) for a ripe refreshing taste. Low lighting, soft Bengali music and kitschy canvases highlighting colourful sights and sounds of the city made for an interesting atmosphere.

bhetki chingri paturiThe limited menu focused on the thali making it the star of the show. We browsed through and the dishes for the Vegetarian thali (Rs 175), which seemed wholesome enough. Besides the usual line up of steamed rice, dal and chutney, the vegetarian thali featured luchi – deep fried flat bread, much like the North Indian puri, a choice between saak bhaja, bharta, which is mashed vegetables served in a curry, Aloo bhajia – crispy batter fried potatoes, three types of vegetable preparations – Shukto, Dhoka’r Dalna, Aloo’r dum and finally Mishti doi to end your meal on a sweet spoonful.

katla machher roastA separate section allows you t0 ‘add on’ portions of other non-vegetarian and vegetarian fare to the thali at added cost. We instantly ordered a Bhetki Chingri Paturi (Rs95) – prawns and bhetki or Asian sea bass coated in mustard sauce and baked in Banana leaf packets and Katla Machher Roast (Rs 110)- Roasted Rohu served in a rich gravy, both of which arrived hot in under 10 minutes.

Beautifully presented, the thali had three classic Bengali items, Shukto – a mix of vegetables cooked with poppy seeds and mustard, Dhoka’r dalna – a shallow fried patty made from two types of lentils in a smooth gravy and Aloo’r dum – a reliable pairing with luchi.

The luchi was soft, tender and the aloo’r dum was perfectly cooked and spiced though sadly the shukto lacked any discernable flavour.

thali with bhetki chingri paturi and katla machher roastThe Bhetki Chingri paturi was moist and fresh; the prawn was minced and mixed in with the fish. The mustard sauce added the final strong flavour. The Katla Machh – Fresh water Indian carp roasted and served with a rich gravy.

After polishing of the sweet, smooth Mishti doi, we finally called it a day. What was worthy of mention was the friendly service, for which the staff gets full marks. They pay attention, help you with suggestions and check on you through the meal, without pestering you or being nosy.

While the decent pricing and service were commendable, they really should work on stretching their menu options. So, if you’re looking to indulge the Bengali side of you, hop in here and try a thali.

Must try: Bhetki Chingri Paturi, Katla Machher Roast
Meal for two: Rs 350 + taxes (without alcohol)

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