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Treat street: Famous food places in Hyderabad

by Rohit Kapoor on Apr 04 , 2012 in Hyderabad

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Rohit Kapoor

Craving street food but don't know where to go? Nithya Suri shares her guide to eating on the streets of Hyderabad from dawn to dusk.

The streets do not only sustain foodies in Hyderabad, they also satisfy the occasional intrepid traveller. We list a few unexplored places around the city!

Early risers

Pragati Gully is one of the most popular lanes for breakfast in the alleys of Sultan Bazaar in the Koti area. Famous for their South Indian fare, the eateries open at dawn with a variety of breakfast options to choose from. Idlis, dosas, upama, medu vada and pongal served here are:  simple, healthy, light and a spicy way to start your day. Since the vendors are breakfast-only specialists, they pack up by 11am. The result is a queue of people waiting for the daily grub before heading to work.

Pragati College Road has breakfast vending stalls in front of the gate. Once here, it is highly recommended that you try the paneer dosa, the ghee-soaked upama with ground peanut chutney, a bowl of idli submerged in sambar, all with a frothy glass of filter coffee. Warning: the food served here is spicier than the one served at Pragati gully.

Lunch the Nizam way

When you dig into a handi of biryani, you are actually digging into centuries old recipes and preparation methods. Enjoy a hearty meal of dum mutton biryani, paaya soup and for dessert - a nice plate of hot double ka meetha to complete your lunch.

If you want to be in the heat of food discussions, head to Madina Hotel in Patterghatti, old city, Alpha Hotel near Secunderabad station, Bawaarchi Hotel near RTC crossroads and Paradise near Parade Grounds in Secunderabad. These spots will prove to be unforgettable teaching grounds on everything related to the history of korma masalas to the first chef that made the legendary dessert - phirni - from leftover rice!

Tea tales from Central Asia

If there is one thing that Hyderabadis consider sacred second only to their biryani – is the Irani chai. This sweet milky concoction is an outcome of one of the many cultural exchanges that happened throughout history during the Nizam’s rule. The chai is an addiction and is consumed throughout the day along with a buttery nankahtai and the flaky puff pastry called khari. One of the best places to try a cutting of chai is the Patter Ghatti Street near Charminar Circle, where vendors move about with their carts along with the stock of biscuits.

Mixed diners 

To sample the Hyderabadi way of preparing food from other states and countries, start with Sindhi Colony in Secunderbad. Come dusk and vendors set up their food carts with their ready-in-minutes local version of their Punjabi, Chinese, Gujrati, Bombay chat, and Italian food. Sampling each one of these gastronomic delights would take all evening and a huge appetite. It is important to taste a few though from Bombay Chat & Ice Cream, Pizza Den or Raju Chaat because you realise that pasta can be made in peanut oil and hakka noodles can be eaten with sprinkled chaat masala. No matter how ridiculous it sounds – this fusion food tastes delicious!

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